Wildlife enthusiast reveals secrets of stunning photography (Jan 2014)

Wildlife enthusiast reveals secrets of stunning photography (Jan 2014)

Award-winning photographer Tony Moss revealed an impressive knowledge of local wildlife at Moors Valley Country Park, near Ringwood on 24th January.

Speaking at a special preview of the British Wildlife Photography Awards exhibition,Tony, whose photograph of a Bearded Reedling was Highly Commended in the competition, took a packed audience on a journey to some of his favourite locations as he explained how he works with the natural rhythms of each animal to capture his stunning imagery.

His Highly Commended shot was taken at Weymouth’s Radipole Lake.  “I like to set myself a project,” said Tony. “I heard the birds during a summer visit to the Park and their stunning call really stuck in my mind. It has a ringing, zinging quality that once heard is never forgotten. However with 80 hectares of reed bed I knew it wouldn’t be easy to get the photograph I really wanted. I also knew it would have to be a winter shot as the birds feed on ground insects in the summer and are rarely seen. It took me several visits to the Park, in some pretty cold weather to secure this shot so I was really delighted it was Highly Commended in the competition.”

Tony’s advice to would be wildlife photographers included pointing out that there is an awful lot of luck in photography, “But the more time you put in the luckier you get!”

Around 90 stunning  images of British wildlife form the British Wildlife Photographer Awards exhibition and can be seen at Moors Valley Country Park until 8th March. The exhibition opens daily and admission is free, but parking charges will apply. For more information go to www.moors-valley.co.uk of call 01425 470721.

Editors’ Notes:

A selection of high resolution images can be downloaded from the press images gallery.