Mindfulness Audio Trail

Mindfulness Audio Trail

This audio tour will guide you through experiencing the fundamentals of mindfulness whilst interacting with the natural world.

The trail is approximately 3.5km long and is made up of two loops in a figure of eight with 13 stopping points. Click here to download a map of the trail.

How to access the Audio Trail:

  • Downloaded the audio files to your smart phone or mp3 player using the links below

Free public WiFi is also available at the Visitor Centre to allow visitors to download the audio files on the day of their visit.

Please note: If you are using an Apple mobile device with an iOS system such as an iPhone or iPod you cannot download the files directly to your device – will either need to download the files from your home computer and sync them to your device via iTunes or download them using a file saving app from the App Store.

Audio files:

We hope you enjoy the trail!