Season Tickets

Season Tickets

You can buy your season ticket on-site at the Visitor Centre or by calling 01425 470721 between 9am and 5pm.

Your season ticket will be activated the same day and will be valid for a year from the date it is taken out. Your season ticket applies to a single car registration number.

Season tickets for households with two cars are also available, providing both cars are registered at the same address – please bring along both vehicle registration (V5) documents when taking out a 2 car season ticket (even when renewing).

You do not need to bring along any documentation if you are applying for a one-car season ticket.

Types of Season Ticket

12 month All Hours season tickets are valid every day Moors Valley is open.
1 car – £77.00 or £8 per month by Direct Debit.
Households with 2 cars*, visiting 1 car at a time – £87.00 or £9 per month by Direct Debit.
Households with 2 cars*, visiting with both cars – £97.00 or £10 per month by Direct Debit.

12 month Quiet Times season tickets are valid anytime Monday to Friday outside of Dorset and Hampshire school holidays, and until 11 am weekends and Dorset and Hampshire school holidays.
1 car registration number – £38.00.

12 month Earlybird Weekender season tickets are valid Saturday and Sunday mornings for exit before 11 am.
1 car – £28.00.

A Two week season ticket for one car is also available for any consecutive two week period during the year – £28.00 per car.

*For all 2 car options, vehicles MUST be registered at the same address and vehicle registration documents (V5) with address details MUST be shown at the time of purchase.

Terms and conditions apply

Change of registration

If you need to change the registration number for an existing season ticket, please pop into the Visitor Centre on your next visit.

You will need to fill in a new form with your new details. Your first change of registration will be processed free of charge. Subsequent changes will be charged at £4 each. Your details will be changed the same day to allow exit at the barriers.

If you have a single car season ticket, you do not need to bring along any documentation with you. However, if you have a two-car season ticket please bring in your V5 registration documents for both cars.

Additional Benefits

Season ticket holders also receive an exclusive benefits package with ongoing and single-use discounts. These loyalty discounts and promotions are inclusive of all types of paid season tickets.

Gift Vouchers

A Moors Valley Season Ticket gift voucher makes a perfect present for someone special that can be enjoyed all year round. They can be either purchased in person at the Information Point or by phone by calling 01425 470721.

The voucher is used as payment when the gift receiver activates their season ticket on their first visit to Moors Valley. The voucher will need to be activated within 6 months of the date of purchase by taking it to the Information Point in the Visitor Centre and completing a Season Ticket application form.

The season ticket will be valid for a year from this date, so they will not lose any days between the gift voucher being bought and received.