Guidance for Event Organisers

Guidance for Event Organisers

If you would like to enquire about using Moors Valley Country Park and Forest for a private or public event or activity we hope that the following information will help you consider whether Moors Valley is the best venue for your event and to better understand our priorities and permission process.

Moors Valley is jointly owned and managed by Dorset Council and Forestry England, working closely with a number of onsite concessions. All event permissions are considered on an individual basis; including, but not limited to, fun runs, sponsored walks and family fun days. Due to the negative environmental impact balloon releases will not be permitted.

Typically, car parking charges will apply for all event participants.
Event charges can be also made for permissions granted and these will be explained on an individual basis.

Please look through the information below and follow the steps outlined when making your enquiry.

Step one

Whilst every effort will be made to approve permissions, applications that directly impact on Moors Valley’s core business or are considered to have a negative effect on wildlife, visitors or core facilities will not be considered. As an event organiser you should consider what impact your proposed activity will have on the local landscape, wildlife, visitors and core facilities at Moors Valley.
You might like to think about:
•    The numbers of participants, spectators and vehicles
•    Time of year and time of day
•    Is your proposal in keeping with the environment?
•    What affect might your proposal have on the car park, verges, tracks and wildlife?
•    What affect might your proposal have on the Park’s general visitors, concessions and community focused events?
•    Have you left enough time to plan and coordinate your proposal?

Step two

Fill out the basic permission enquiry form and email it to
Please be as accurate as possible on the location of your proposed activity to ensure the enquiry is passed to the correct team.  If you are not sure, please don’t worry, the Rangers can help you further with this.

Step three

Either the Dorset Council or Forestry England Ranger Team (or a representative for both) will contact you with feedback on your basic permission enquiry.
If initial discussions are favourable you will be instructed to complete the formal permission process. A formal permission process and form exists for both Dorset Council and Forestry England land and for some activities there will be need to complete both.