Divert dragonfly disaster by Digging for Deano (July 2013)

Divert dragonfly disaster by Digging for Deano (July 2013)

Rangers at Moors Valley Country Park are campaigning for people to back their ‘Dig for Deano’ campaign and build a wildlife pond to help native dragonflies.

Moors Valley is one of the best places in the country to see dragonflies. An impressive 27 of the 50 recorded species in the UK, have been spotted at the Park which also boasts a dragonfly as its logo.

Spending most of the year as nymphs in Moors Valley’s two rivers and five ponds the dragonflies are a wonderful sight in summer as they come above water to mate and lay eggs.

All dragonflies need water to complete their life cycle and their numbers are suffering as a result of losses of wetland habitats. Over the past 100 years it has been estimated that one million ponds have been filled in. By digging a pond you can replace a habitat that has been lost.

Countryside Interpretation Ranger Katie Davies says, “We are asking people to help by digging a garden pond and creating their own dragonfly habitat. We’ve called the campaign ‘Dig for Deano’ after one of the characters in our children’s club – ‘Nuts about Nature’. He is an Emperor Dragonfly and in real life would typically spend two or more years in a pond before taking to the wing as a colourful, aerobatic insect, reaching speeds of up to 18 miles an hour!

“Looking after our wildlife is very important to us here at Moors Valley and as we celebrate our 25th birthday we are also looking to the future. Encouraging people to dig new wildlife ponds will not only help our dragonflies like Deano to replenish their numbers. It will also support other species that need water to flourish and thrive.”

To help divert dragonfly disaster Moors Valley Rangers have brought together  a host of helpful resources on their website to get you started. A step-by-step guide to putting in a pond, practical information from the British Dragonfly Society and lots of other essential details can be found at

For more information contact the Moors Valley Rangers on 01425 470721 or go to www.moors-valley.co.uk


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