A small red steam train with "Santa Special" sign emits steam at a station during nighttime at Moors Valley Railway. A decorated Christmas tree is visible on the right.

Santa Specials Update

For over three decades, families have created lasting memories on Moors Valley Railway. Among their beloved traditions are the iconic Santa Specials, where visitors embark on a festive journey through a winter wonderland, ultimately arriving at Santa’s grotto.

This year we have had to make the tough decision to take a brief pause to help ensure the longevity of this cherished facility. A much-needed project to replace the railway’s roof will begin in Autumn 2024, preserving its historic charm and ensuring generations to come can continue to enjoy the enchantment of Moors Valley Railway.

Santa Claus and an elf dressed in festive outfits pose with a decorated miniature train labeled "Santa Special" at Moors Valley Railway, surrounded by Christmas lights and snowy decorations.

Preserving the Magic – The decision to take a break in 2024 was a difficult one and due to several factors outside the control of Moors Valley Railway, the most viable time to undertake this project has resulted in having to postpone Santa Specials until 2025. The decision is however driven by the commitment of preserving the magic of narrow-gauge steam trains and the joy they bring during the Christmas season and beyond.

Whilst Santa Specials won’t run in 2024, we look forward to welcoming families back in 2025 for an even more magical experience.

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