Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking

An extremely popular activity using poles to propel you along. The technique uses 90% of your muscle group and burns 20 to 40% more calories than normal walking whilst the poles make it feel easier and give you additional stability.

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Taster Sessions

These 45mins sessions offer a great way to try Nordic walking and see if it is right for you.

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'Learn To' Courses

This 4 week course takes you through the essential stages to improve your technique.

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Wellness Walks

These sessions are ideal for those who may have lost fitness or mobility due to anything from inactivity to a medical condition or operation or who have done a ‘Learn To’ Course and found the pace or distance a little too much. They are at a more of a gentle level than the Workout Walks and are there to help people regain their fitness before being able to continue on a Workout Walk.

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Workout Walks

Once you have completed a 'Learn To' course these regular workout classes help you to keep improving and get noticeable results.

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