Major new outdoor photography exhibition – Earth Photo opens at Moors Valley (October 2020)

Major new outdoor photography exhibition – Earth Photo opens at Moors Valley (October 2020)

Moors Valley is hosting an open air, outdoor exhibition showcasing stunning photography taken by finalists in this year’s global Earth Photo competition.

Located on the Play Trail, visitors can walk amongst 24 large scale images which explore some of the key challenges facing the natural world across the planet. The exhibition opens on 24 October and will be on show until 19 April 2021.

Moors Valley is only one of only three locations around the UK where it’s possible to visit these stunning submissions for the Earth Photo prize. Created by Forestry England and the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) the competition is open to both amateur and professional photographers and celebrates images and videos that document the natural world, its breath-taking beauty, and its ever-growing fragility.

Images on show this year include diverse and striking images of people, nature and the challenges facing many communities. These include plastic-polluted seas in Kuwait, contaminated creeks in Spain, homeless children in Bangladesh, Chinese tea pickers, and fishermen from Vietnam. Taken together, the images capture a sense of the often awe-inspiring and always dynamic world at a time when human influence and activity is in sharp focus.

Melanie Keddie, Marketing Manager for Forestry England in Dorset, said:

“We are delighted to be just one of three of the nation’s forests hosting this Earth Photo exhibition. The complete exhibition online of all the finalists was great to view in lockdown but seeing some of the work in print and on this scale gives a wonderfully different perspective.

“Not only are the images thought-provoking and stunning, some show an amazing contrast between forests across the globe and what we can see here in our local forests and outdoor spaces. The themes of the exhibition; People, Place, Nature, Changing Forests and Climate of Change are all integral to the work we do at Moors Valley Country Park and Forest.”

“The exhibition will be with us up to, and beyond, the winners being announced in early December so hopefully as many people who want to view the photos safely in this amazing outdoor environment will have plenty of opportunity to do so.”

Image credit: Copyright Ruan Kezhuang, Fingerprints of the earth

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