Free wildlife discovery event at Moors Valley (July 2017)

Free wildlife discovery event at Moors Valley (July 2017)

Moors Valley Country Park holds its fourth annual wildlife discovery BioBlitz event on Tuesday 25 July.

The free event, part of the national BioBlitz scheme, is a collaborative race against the clock to discover as many species of plants and animals as possible over a 24 hour period. It is an informal and fun way to create a snapshot of the variety of life that can be found in the Park, and enthusiastic volunteers are encouraged to take part, allowing everyone to learn together and share their expertise and enthusiasm for nature.

The Moors Valley BioBlitz is open to all ages and abilities (although children must be accompanied by an adult) and no previous experience is needed as full guidance will be given on the day.

Engagement Ranger, Emma Reeks said, “Taking part in the BioBlitz helps us to improve our understanding of the species that live in, or visit, the Park. It’s a fun way to gain an understanding of some of our local wildlife and habitats and get first hand experience of how simple biological recording works.”

“Last year we found over 230 species including the Dingy Mocha moth, an internationally endangered species. One of our aims this year is to expand our definitive species record list for Moors Valley,looking for specific species that may have been previously unrecorded or are nationally rare. We also want to highlight species and habitats many visitors may not have had a chance to see or learn about before.”

The 24 hour Bioblitz begins in the evening of 24 July with a search for bats, moths and glow worms. Activities on Tuesday 25 July include bird, bee and butterfly walks, pond dipping and looking for water voles.

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