Treemendous Trees

Ranger Sessions: Treemendous Trees

Trees are great; what would our landscape be without them? Think of all the wildlife they support, not to mention all the thousands of ways we use timber.

These three activities focus on the variety, beauty and structure of trees as well as encouraging children to enjoy being in a woodland.

Meet A Tree
A chance to make friends with a tree. Children will be blindfolded and led to their tree, feeling all around the tree touching the bark, branches and leaves until they think they know their tree really well. They are led away and the blindfold is removed before they have to go and find their tree to appreciate even trees of the same species are quite different if only you take the time to look closely.

Tree Passports
A chance to discover all about different trees, looking closely at what makes trees individual. We will take bark rubbings to look at the texture and leaf prints to see the trees finger prints.

Woodland Identification
A look at simple identification of trees and woodland flora and who might call it home.

Time: 1.5 hours
Maximum group size: 16
Key stage: 1-2
Cost: £48.00 (£3 per child)