Additional Information For Group Leaders

Ranger Sessions: Additional Information For Group Leaders

This guide is designed to help you plan and make the most of your group visit to Moors Valley. Please contact our friendly team of Education Rangers if you have any questions relating to your visit that are not covered in this guide.

Preliminary Visits

  • To ensure a happy and safe visit, group leaders are asked to make a preliminary visit. This is essential for your first visit and parking is free. Our Education Rangers can meet you to discuss programmes, group requirements and answer any questions you may have.
  • Please email to book your preliminary visit.

Coaches, Minibuses and Cars

  • Coach and Minibus parking must be booked in advance. Please visit our coach and minibus parking page for further information. Payment should be made through the Visitor Centre before arrival; cash, cheques and credit cards are accepted.
  • Cars do not need to book in advance, payment is made at the pay stations opposite the Visitor Centre before leaving.
  • We recommend that all groups visiting by coach or minibus bring an additional vehicle if possible. This has been useful in the past when people have fallen ill or needed a hospital visit.
  • Parking is free for groups who have organised and paid for Ranger-led activities.


  • Please let us know as soon as possible if you will not be able to attend your visit.
  • If one months notice is given you will not be charged. We reserve the right to charge in full for any cancellations within one month of the date of the activity.


  • Please follow guidelines set by your Local Education Authority or parent organisation with regard to taking groups on trips and carrying out field work.
  • All schools / groups are asked to make their own risk assessments for visiting the park and will remain solely responsible for the behaviour and discipline of the group.

Accidents and First Aid

  • Rangers are not currently administering first aid, other than in life threatening situations. It is recommended for group leaders to carry comprehensive first aid kits on visits.
  • Cuts and grazes should be covered with a waterproof plaster.

Health Risks In The Countryside

  • Adders live in and around the Park and Forest. If you are very lucky you may see one, but they will normally hear you first and hide.
  • Ticks are present across the Park and Forest, at the end of your visit all group members should brush themselves off and check for any ticks.
  • If any ticks are found it is important they are removed correctly as this will reduce the chance of infection.
  • We advise visiting your local minor injuries unit if you have any concerns.

Picnic Areas and Refreshments

  • There are picnic areas near Moors Lake and the start of the Play Trail.
  • There are no undercover eating areas at Moors Valley.


  • There are no litter bins at Moors Valley.
  • Please be prepared to carry your litter with you and to take it home at the end of your visit.

Lost Children

  • Should you lose any children in your care please let the Rangers know as soon as you can so we can organise a search.
  • Either telephone 01425 470721, or report to the Visitor Centre.

Lost Property

  • Please report or hand in any items lost or found to a Ranger in the Visitor Centre.