Nuts About Nature

Nuts About Nature

Documenting the animals of Ranger Den, nature and wildlife.

We hope to showcase the best of the Ranger Den, alongside all things nature, in a series of video diaries aimed at bringing educational and fun information direct to you.

Fascinating videos showing a variety of minibeasts, wildlife, and more.

    • They See Me Rolling

      Check out this funny footage from one of our nature cams. A favourite from 2019!

    • Amphibians Guide

      Watch Ranger Mike guide you through the key differences between Toads, Newts, and Frogs

    • Grass Snakes

      Watch Noodle eat and learn about these fascinating reptiles

    • Feeding Sticklebacks

      Watch a stickleback feed, whilst learning some interesting facts.

Feeling inspired? Want to learn more? Click here to watch our Easter ducklings hatch!